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My roommates and I went to Yosemite National Park over Labor Day Weekend and we had an absolute blast! I personally loved the chance to escape from the city and enjoy almost three full days without cell service. My phone was nothing more than an expensive camera - which means I took a TON of pictures that I can't wait to share here with y'all!

Two quick notes before we dive in:

1. Due to COVID, Yosemite now requires reservations to enter the park. Reservations are per car and are released on the first day of the month prior to your visit. My roommate Katie got our pass (bright and early in the morning!) on August 1 for September 5, and it's valid for 7 days past the original reservation date. While there were still crowds, this system definitely has its perks: we could always find parking, less bottle-neck on the trails, and virtually no traffic driving around Yosemite Valley.

2. Obviously right now, Yosemite and much of the West Coast are on fire. Wildfires are definitely something to consider if you're planning a trip for the fall. We had two mostly clear days (Saturday and Monday), but of course, the day we planned on going to all of the various viewpoints was the smokiest. You'll see in the pictures below that it looked like an orange filter had been placed over the sky. There's not a ton of service in the valley if you choose to turn on your phone, but there are Park Rangers all over the park if things get too hairy.

Ok, onto our itinerary! 


Hey hey hey, happy Sunday people! Back this week with another menu and grocery list! I've figured that these usually last me every two-ish weeks. This week we're doing for chicken wraps, pasta salad, enchiladas, and my go-to classic: chicken, vegetables, and a baked potato.

Let's get it 🔥


Oooh boy. I have never shared this story publicly until very recently in a 2 sentence blurb on Instagram. To me, this story is incredibly personal and I'm still feeling the effects of it.

This is my birth control story: why I went on it, how it gave me my life back, and how it is 100% without a doubt a form of healthcare. I'm a couple of weeks late from the initial outrage, but this a conversation that absolutely must be had!

Also, before we start, wanting to go on birth control because you simply do not want to get pregnant is absolutely a valid reason to get birth control. Full stop, end of discussion.

Okay... onto my story!