Tips for Shy Girls

Whenever I tell people that I'm an introvert, nobody ever believes me! But I promise, I am! My official personality type from 16 Personalities (a Myers-Briggs based test) is ISTJ-T. Introverted, observant, thinking, judging, and turbulent. (LOL - sounds aggressive, but other ISTJ's include Denzel Washington, Natalie Portman, and Hermione!!)

I definitely consider myself to be an outgoing introvert, and in a field where my career is based of my public speaking ability it is SO important not to shy away from people like I want to most of the time!

Throughout the years I've learned a few tips and tricks to make me seem more outgoing and extroverted than I am! And then, when everything is all said and done, my bed is there to welcome me home!

Fake it 'til you make it // The biggest lesson I have learned over the years is that if people think you are extroverted, the more extroverted you will feel. So when I really have to be extroverted, I force myself to smile bigger, laugh more, comment on more things, and people naturally just think that I'm more outgoing and extroverted!

Comment on things // We all have opinions. I've learned that just simply stating my opinions sometimes can start conversations and lead to friendships. I found this especially helpful my freshman year, and I still use it in classes to this day! Even commenting, "Wow I'm bad at accounting," can lead to the person sitting next to you agreeing, and asking if you want to study. (That sounds like something a "high school girl" magazine would say, but that is a personal anecdote!)

Learn to laugh at yourself // This goes hand in hand with embracing your natural awkwardness. Introverted and shy people act differently around people than extroverted people do. Conversation doesn't flow as easily, and sometimes awkward things slip out! The key to all of this is just laughing at yourself and your mistakes! Another quick anecdote, but my college campus has an insane amount of uneven bricks and I trip over them pretty much anytime I walk anywhere. This leads to me saying, "OMG Tori, watch out!" and then laughing at myself because I'm walking around campus talking out loud to myself. Super awkward, but the key is that I can laugh at my own mistakes and not beat myself up over them!

Reward "good" behavior // After a long hard day of talking to people and being "on" constantly... the only thing I want is my BED!! (And Grey's Anatomy and a glass (or bottle) of wine.) And that is A-OKAY!! Exerting enough energy to get through the day can be hard! But you did it, and just like the other amazing things you do, you should be rewarded!

Are you shy? How do you get through your days?

Be Where Your Feet Are

I've been finding myself thinking a lot about "what might have been" recently. What might have happened if I said something else, or reacted differently in a situation. Unfortunately this leads to a lot of me being totally consumed with what happened in the past, instead of focusing on the day in front of me.

Whenever I find myself thinking too much about things that I can't go back and change, I have to remind myself to be where my feet are - in the now. My feet are with me in the present, and they'll be with me as I move forward into the future, but they can't ever go back in the past.

A quick example, here: yesterday at our first home football game, as I was walking into the student section my phone fell out of my hand and landed screen first onto the ground. I knew as soon as it landed that it was most likely shattered and I didn't even want to pick it up. I did though, and yep - I was right. My screen is super shattered, and as someone who has never cracked a screen before, it's really disappointing. I think about it every time I look at my phone - which as a 21 year old, is a lot! But what was I going to do? Go back in time and not accidentally drop it? Magically heal the screen without dropping $100? I can't do that, so I just had to embrace the fact that my screen is cracked and I have three options moving forward: paying to replace it, living with a cracked screen, or waiting until my contract is up and I can upgrade to a new phone.

The past is in the past for a reason. Yes, maybe things would be different if we had done or said different things, but we didn't! Things are the way that they are for a reason - and if they are meant to be different, then they will all fall into place eventually.

As humans we are constantly moving forward. We have to keep our eyes on the prize and move forward until we get where we're going. We have to be where our feet are.

How I Wake Up Early

Ok, I usually am not really a fan of those posts that are something along the lines of "how to become a morning person!" because I don't believe that you can just become a morning or night person. As we grow older, our schedules change and we have to adapt to them, but some people wake up earlier than others and some people can stay up into the night and not even think twice about it.

With school in full swing, my routine has become more concrete and those early mornings are getting (somewhat) easier. And although I'm lucky that I am a morning person, getting up can still be really hard!

When I posted my morning routine last week, I was really surprised at how many people commented on how early I wake up! I guess I'm just used to it at this point, and don't see it as all that early. (When I worked for MSNBC in February, we had to be there for the morning shows at 5:30 so my alarm went off at 3:30. Now THAT was an early morning wake up call!)

Alarm Clock // I don't use my phone as my alarm. Seriously! I have a $10 alarm clock from Target that I love. It really helps me get out of bed and not look at my phone first thing in the morning! It's also just far enough from where I sleep that I have to at least partially sit up to turn it off. I seriously recommend getting one!

Breakfast // I mentioned on my morning routine post that I don't know how people can do mornings without breakfast. It is the best part of my day!! Okay... maybe that's an exaggeration, but still. Breakfast it something I look forward to to give me the energy that I feel like I'm lacking from an extra few minutes of sleep. I eat huge, indulgent breakfasts, too, so I'm always looking forward to it from the second my alarm goes off to when I'm finally sitting down to eat it.

Down Time // This almost goes hand in hand with breakfast. I remember in high school, my best friend told me that she woke up at 5:45 every day to get ready. She explained that she hated feeling rushed and didn't want to half-ass something because she spent extra time laying in bed. Now that I'm in college, I totally understand it. I love having extra time in the morning to do one thing at a time, or sip on my coffee while I watch the Today Show, rather than drinking coffee, eating breakfast, watching the Today Show and doing my makeup at the same time.

Notion of Productivity // I'll be honest with y'all... there are totally some days when I'm guilty of snoozing my alarm, skipping my workout, and laying in bed for an extra 40 minutes. (But I never actually go back to sleep... it's a weird genetic thing I share with my dad.) The fact that I'm still up before 6:00 makes me feel more productive in a weird way though! Ultimately, that's the best part about waking up early: everyone is so impressed with you and makes you feel put-together regardless of how you actually spent the morning.

Attitude // At the orientation for my internship, we got the pleasure of talking to the strength and conditioning coach for the football team. Every time I don't want to get out of bed in the morning, I can literally hear his voice in the back of my head telling me to get up! He mentioned that you'll really only be tired for a few minutes in the morning, regardless of what time you get up, so there's not really a huge point in snoozing your alarm until the last minute. That is so true! Once my alarm goes off, sure I want to get back to sleep, but when I'm up I'm up and ready to start my day.

What time do you wake up? How do you get up early?