Royal Wedding, Party of One

Does anyone have that one thing in their life that started out as sort of a joke and turned into a real obsession? That's my relationship with the Royal Family.

What started out as a gag-purchase of a coffee (or tea?) mug commemorating the engagement of William and Kate turned into stalking out the coffee shop where they first met...

In St. Andrews, Scotland. I also have a picture of the bathroom, because coffe, ya know? 😉 early morning watching their wedding before school, two more mug purchases after Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born (Prince Louis is in the plan - but you have to wait at least a year for the cute birthday portraits)...

...freaking out over royal horses at Balmoral and buying chocolates shaped like crowns for the Queen's diamond jubilee, and weeping on my couch at 5 a.m. when Harry and Meghan turned a wedding into a real-life fairytale moment.

LOL at the shorts and tights - how 2012 of me!
Yep. I'm that person.

ANYWAY. Like 29 million other Americans, I set my alarm for bright and early on Saturday morning, made some mini waffles, drank a bottle of champagne, and watched as the British Monarchy welcomed a divorced, half-black American into their family (complete with a sermon referencing slavery, the civil rights movements, African spirituals, and a gospel choir).

Let's break it down.


From best dressed, to perfectly spring-y, to are you going to a funeral?



Amal. Clooney. YES. Everything about this look is absolute perfection. She looks so beautiful in this hard to pull off color. When I first saw her on my screen my jaw DROPPED. The cape, the fascinator, the shoes, the hair. This is how it's done, y'all. 🙌🏻 All bow to Stella McCartney. (George looks fine too or whatever.)

David Beckham looked like an absolute DREAM. I can't stop staring at this picture, honestly.

 I'll be honest here, Oprah's look wasn't my favorite, but I included it here for two reasons. Number one, it's Oprah. Obviously. Number two, this dress was made OVERNIGHT when she realized that her original dress might look "too white." My guess is that regular people like myself would be running out to Primark instead of getting a custom Stella McCartney. But regular people like myself aren't Oprah.

Although I'm usually a huge fan of the Duchess of Cambridge and her style, I was disappointed in her look for this wedding. Clearly this Alexander McQueen design is one of her favorites, as this is the 3rd time she's worn it. I'm all about that outfit repeater life, but this would be the time to wear something new... or unlike Oprah, something that didn't read so white.  

I would have loved to have seen her in a pale pink or blue number instead. (Also, can we just agree that for a mom of 3 who gave birth less than a month ago, she look phenomenal?! And in heels?! Yes ma'am keep slaying.)

Victoria Beckham........ I won't tell you to smile, because this is 2018 and we should stop saying that to women, but I have so many questions about the dress. Navy??? For a spring wedding??? What??? I guess those are all of my questions, actually.


Please invite me to a party where I can wear one of these.


This picture is so high fashion I can't even handle it. Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana's niece, slayed. Probably not surprising given her aunt's style. Honestly, her entire outfit is on point.


These flowers though.


No commentary necessary. (Except OMG it's so beautiful, I love the flowers and everything about it and the steps look like an actual Cinderella moment.)


The hills are definitely alive with love.

Tears. Harry cried, I cried. Meghan looked calm and beautiful. The procession. The pastor. The Queen's reaction to the pastor. The Cellist. Stand By Me.

Everything about it was so great. Not to mention it gave me major Sound of Music vibes:



Also known as when my tweet went semi-viral!

I'm team YES when it comes to this dress. Givenchy, Clare Waight Keller, and the Duchess absolutely nailed it. It was so perfectly "Meghan," and that's what a wedding dress should be!

I think it's incredibly elegant and timeless. The cut of the neckline is beautiful and frames her shoulders perfectly. The simplicity of the body allows for the 16 foot veil to be shown off beautifully. The way it moved when Meghan walked down the aisle was absolutely exquisite. And the sleek, elegant flow of the dress was paired perfectly with her minimal makeup and slightly messy bun.

The Queen Mary tiara was the perfect statement piece that pulled the entire look together. OB. SESSED. (Plus when HRH the Queen loans you a tiara you say yes no matter what it looks like.)



Perfect to wear when you lose to Serena Williams in beer pong!

This stunning Stella McCartney dress was definitely a contrast to the morning's Givenchy in the best way. The neckline and the flow of the dress were perfect for the evening reception.

(I imagine. I wasn't there, so ya know, I'm using my imagination!)


Can't wait for your wedding in 30 years!!


Obviously couldn't conclude this post without a s/o to this cutie. Am I the only one weirdly excited to watch her grow up? (Probably.) 

Ugh. *swoon*

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