I was in Los Angeles for work last week and had such a great time! I learned so much for my new job and the 70-degree weather definitely didn't hurt. (Currently 15 in Oklahoma 🥶) BUT I have to say... the absolute best part about my trip was the FOOOOOOOD.

Everything I ate was incredible. From Korean oxtail soup to In-N-Out burgers, I definitely flew back to Oklahoma with my pants a little bit tighter than when I first arrived. 😉


I've always loved peanut sauce. I remember ordering chicken satay at an Atlanta restaurant and always licking the little ramekin full of peanut sauce clean.

I've tried several times over the years to make a peanut sauce to go on ramen noodles or chicken, and I've never been able to figure it out. Enter: my secret weapon.


I'm a big fan of smoothies (as evidenced by my posts here, here, and here). Not only do I think they're a great snack or perfect treat for a hot summers day, but they're super filling when made correctly.


We're over halfway through the month of January! Last year, January seemed to drag on. This year it feels like it's going by so quickly! ANYWAY.

Yesterday on the TODAY Show the hosts were talking about how January 17 was the day that most people break their new year's resolution or anything new that they started on January 1. Once I thought about it, I realized how even though I didn't really set any health-related resolutions,  I was already slipping back into unhealthy food habits (looking at you, late night Taco Bell) and snoozing my alarm (#sorrynotsorry... okay, maybe a little bit sorry).

If you feel like you've fallen off the wagon and can't seem to get back on it, or maybe it seems too daunting and you haven't even tried, today's post is for you! Read on, friends, to get some ideas of easy food-related habits that you can change right now!


I love these mini-muffins so matcha! 😉 I shared last week that mini muffins are some of my favorite morning snacks! They're perfect if you're on-the-go or want to spread out your snacks over a few hours to make them last longer (same).

These vanilla matcha muffins are no exception! Plus they're SO easy to make!


2018 was a pretty mediocre year. Selfishly, nothing big really happened for me! I went to work and came home and cooked dinner and exercised. Saw a lot of movies, read a lot of books, went on a lot of walks. Kind of the definition of keeping my head down and waiting for good things to come.

It wasn't until the end of the year that I got my new/current job and I felt the momentum picking back up. 2018 kind of taught me to not have big expectations for the year (see below), but I still set some goals/have a few expectations for 2019 that I wanted to share!


I've said it before and I'll say it again: people who can go straight from breakfast to lunch without a snack are crazy. Don't even get me started on people who can go without breakfast in the morning!

I feel like I'm always snacking, or counting down the minutes until I can eat my snack. When I worked in an office I almost always took a snack into meetings with me (#sorrynotsorry), which is a trait I get from my mom who almost always has a piece of string cheese in her purse.

Today I want to share my favorite easy and energy boosting mid-morning snacks to get you through the morning until you can eat lunch.


In 2018, I had two goals: focus on my overall health/wellness, and support more women-owned businesses. I ended up taking both to heart and joined the team at Further Food at the end of the year. I'm so excited to continue both of those "goals" in 2019 in this new job!

Today I want to share all of the details on my brand new job with Further Food! 🙌🏻


In the past year, I've really started to meal prep. Every Sunday, I go grocery shopping and then come home, eat a quick lunch, put on a marathon of Parks and Rec or The Office, and start cooking!

I prepare a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and a few quick things I can piece together for an easy weeknight dinner. This has helped me save so much money since it takes me 30 seconds to pack a lunch when I get home from work, and then easily cook dinner after going to the gym. (Not to say that sometimes I don't push aside my planned meals for a lunch out of the office or a cheeseburger for dinner, but overall the excuses of not having anything to eat have died down!)

Today I want to share a few meal prep staples that I make on a very consistent basis. These are all so versatile and can be used for lunch or dinner or in between!


HELLO! Welcome to BUT MOSTLY EATING BLOG!! Starting this blog has been on my mind for
quite some time (I actually had the website saved when I started my food insta) and I'm excited to 
get it started in 2019.

My hope is that BME will be a source of #foodinspo and give you ideas for how to eat healthy and
delicious meals while on a budget. Stay tuned for recipe ideas, restaurant reviews, food diaries, and more!

But for now, a little bit more about how But Mostly Eating came to be: