2018 was a pretty mediocre year. Selfishly, nothing big really happened for me! I went to work and came home and cooked dinner and exercised. Saw a lot of movies, read a lot of books, went on a lot of walks. Kind of the definition of keeping my head down and waiting for good things to come.

It wasn't until the end of the year that I got my new/current job and I felt the momentum picking back up. 2018 kind of taught me to not have big expectations for the year (see below), but I still set some goals/have a few expectations for 2019 that I wanted to share!

My mantra for this year is "The Year of Tori." This has been my yearly motto a few times in the past (most memorably in 2016 which was, lol, almost the opposite of my year) but I really feel like it will come into fruition in 2019.

I already know this year will be a big one: new job, eventually moving to a new city, feeling like my actual adult life can kind of start, etc. but here are some of my smaller goals.

  1. Read 26 books
    • Last year I read 17 books after setting a goal of 12, so I upped it this year to 26. So far I've read two, and am over halfway through one, and just started another.
  2. Do a yoga headstand
    • I've done a few headstands against walls, but I'd like to advance my practice this year enough to do a headstand with no support.
  3. Complete a Whole30
    • I was going to do a Whole30 over Lent this year, but now that I might be moving around then I'm not sure I'll be able to successfully complete it. Now I'm kind of thinking about trying to do it mid-February through mid-March but it's still up in the air.
  4. Travel outside of the United States
    • I haven't left the country in over two years!! I love to travel and visit new places so I'm hoping to do some of that in 2019.
  5. Move out of Oklahoma
    • !!!!!!! Not sure if it counts as a goal because I know it's happening, but I can't help listing it here!!
  6. Keep up with But Mostly Eating
    • I'd like to maintain consistent posting this year (3x/week) and create a consistent Instagram feed. 

I hate to even put this out here... but I have big expectations for 2019. For the past year and a half, I've lived in a small college town in Oklahoma. While I wouldn't be able to be in this position without this experience, I feel like my life has kind of been on hold. Sure, the people I've met have been amazing and I know that there are some who will be in my life for a very long time, but I'm ready to move on to a bigger city where things happen. Where there are people my age (!!) to meet, new restaurants to try, things to do. If this year isn't the year, I'm not sure it will ever come!

So, bring it on 2019. Lots of goals and big expectations. I actually, finally, feel like I'm Ready.

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