We're over halfway through the month of January! Last year, January seemed to drag on. This year it feels like it's going by so quickly! ANYWAY.

Yesterday on the TODAY Show the hosts were talking about how January 17 was the day that most people break their new year's resolution or anything new that they started on January 1. Once I thought about it, I realized how even though I didn't really set any health-related resolutions,  I was already slipping back into unhealthy food habits (looking at you, late night Taco Bell) and snoozing my alarm (#sorrynotsorry... okay, maybe a little bit sorry).

If you feel like you've fallen off the wagon and can't seem to get back on it, or maybe it seems too daunting and you haven't even tried, today's post is for you! Read on, friends, to get some ideas of easy food-related habits that you can change right now!

Stick to serving sizes // Hi, my name is Tori, and I tend to eat the entire box of mac and cheese in one sitting, even though it left me feeling like 💩. One of the first things I did when I started to eat healthier and focus on my overall wellness was stick to the serving sizes. This meant that I measured literally everything that I ate... and while it made serving up dinner a bit slower than usual, it really helped me make better choices. I was able to recognize when I was full after eating the serving size and not constantly overeat. (Plus, leftovers. Heyo)

Drink more water // I used to hate water. Seriously, I never drank it. I would always go for a coke or another sugary drink instead! This changed in college when I started to carry around a water bottle with me everywhere I went, and I really have never felt better! I get less frequent snack cravings, I sleep better at night, food generally tastes better (??), and my skin is so clear and hydrated. #BLESSED

Read labels // I'm that person in the grocery store who meticulously reads labels before buying a product... and you should be too! While I generally stick to fruits/vegetables (more below!), I can't (and don't want to) avoid everything. My general rule of thumb is that if I can't pronounce every single ingredient, I don't buy it. I also try to avoid buying things with sugar listed as an ingredient. This one is tougher because sugar tends to pop up in random things (pasta sauce, salsa, hummus, etc.) but there are still some great options out there without sugar!

Eat whole foods // No, not the grocery store that charges $18 for a small salad! Fresh fruits and vegetables! An easy way to do this is to stick to perimeter aisles at the grocery store since these are mostly fresh foods that require refrigeration. Another way is to stick to foods with only one ingredient: corn, chickpeas, apples, bananas, oats etc.

Don't buy it // Out of sight, out of mind! I know myself well enough to know my problem foods: pretty much any kind of chips and dip combo, flavor blasted goldfish, toaster strudels, peanut butter chocolate ice cream (ugh yum). I know if I buy these items, I'll eat it all in one sitting. #OOPS. So I just don't buy it! It helps me save money and keeps the temptations at bay. Of course, there are always exceptions (hello football season) but it's so much easier when they're not located a few steps away from my couch.

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