In the past year, I've really started to meal prep. Every Sunday, I go grocery shopping and then come home, eat a quick lunch, put on a marathon of Parks and Rec or The Office, and start cooking!

I prepare a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and a few quick things I can piece together for an easy weeknight dinner. This has helped me save so much money since it takes me 30 seconds to pack a lunch when I get home from work, and then easily cook dinner after going to the gym. (Not to say that sometimes I don't push aside my planned meals for a lunch out of the office or a cheeseburger for dinner, but overall the excuses of not having anything to eat have died down!)

Today I want to share a few meal prep staples that I make on a very consistent basis. These are all so versatile and can be used for lunch or dinner or in between!

Quinoa // My #1 grain of all time. I cook quinoa every single week to put on salads, eat on the side, make veggie bowls with, and more. It's so easy to put on the stove and set aside as I do other things in the kitchen! Generally, I make 5-6 servings on Sunday.

Spaghetti Squash // Another super easy thing to put in the oven and do other things while it cooks. I used to hate spaghetti squash when I was a kid (looking at you, south beach diet meals!), but now I absolutely loooove it. I love the taste and the texture, and how versatile it is. I typically eat my spaghetti squash with just plain marinara and baked chicken, but I want to try and branch out with shrimp and Asian-inspired flavors.

Vegetables // This is typically what I spend my time with when my quinoa and spaghetti squash are cooking! I have vegetables + hummus (or guac) for a snack nearly every day, which typically consists of 1/2-ish of bell pepper, carrots, and tomatoes. Then I spend time cutting up other vegetables to use for dinners like zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans. That way when I get home from the gym at night I can just quickly put them on a pan and bake them with chicken while I shower (probs shouldn't do that, but oh well) and BOOM dinner is ready!


Oats // Not sure if this 100% counts, but oats have become a staple in my life. Since it's so much colder now, I have oatmeal almost every day for breakfast. I also love overnight oats and making oat muffins to snack on throughout the week. (Check out these pumpkin oat muffins!)

I would love to hear what you meal prep throughout the week!

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