I had SO much fun at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim at the beginning of the month! It was truly foodie heaven - every single one of my favorite brands was represented. I walked over 15,000 steps and 5 miles every day and I never went outside... and I still didn't visit every exhibitor.

No worries, I still managed to visit a ton of booths, try a lot of food, and make a lot of new friends! #blessed

Natural Products Expo is exactly what it sounds like - a convention where hundreds (maybe even thousands) of food brands come and release new products. All of them are on the healthy side of things too (hello they're natural) so many of the booths featured gluten and dairy free products, clean meats (no hormones or antibiotics), and real ingredients. SIGN ME UP.

I've been thinking about how to break this post up but I think the best way to do it is just to dive right in. Follow me!

(Editor's note: I realized as I was writing this that there was a 0% chance I could even do this post justice. I tried! But really the only way to fully understand Expo is to attend in person.)

No better place to start than the motherland 🙌🏻 If you know me, you know that I am a H U G E fan of La Croix. Once I stopped drinking soda, I realized that what I missed more than anything was a refreshing carbonated drink. Enter: La Croix. I think they're so refreshing and the perfect level of "sweetness." I LOVED their booth... and even better...

They had La Croix tote bags that they then filled up with MORE LA CROIX!! Talk about a dream come true (even if I did forget about one in my backpack and had it confiscated by TSA 😭)


Another brand I was SUPER excited to see was Talenti. This is my go-to brand for gelato, but I don't get it nearly as often as I'd like (because a pint is like $5 and ain't nobody got time for that!) but I did leave with a coupon!!


I tried the peanut butter flavor (#classic) and it was amazing. SO GOOD.


You guys know I love any and all forms of oatmeal and overnight oats! These were two of my favorites that I sampled at Expo. Plus, they're both woman-owned and you know I like that!

Mylk Labs


I was so excited to see Perfect Bar at Expo and try out their products for the first time! The bites definitely didn't disappoint! Another peanut butter sample that I want to mix into pancakes and also eat all of on the couch while I binge watch Netflix.


Another ice cream shout out: Jeni's! I loooove Jeni's ice cream. They have a spot at the Krog Street Market in Atlanta which is the perfect location to grab a cone before meandering along the Beltline. They also have such unique and delicious flavors like my favorite: brambleberry crisp. (Also though s/o to the roasted peanut butter and strawberry jam flavor pictured here. BOOM.)

The Impossible Foods booth was also super popular. It was actually like a mob scene to grab a burger... these were gone in approx. 30 seconds. I ended up going for a meatball instead that 100% tasted like real beef. Only impossible until you taste it!


Some additional brand shoutouts:

Alexia (sweet potato tots and fries... some of my favs)
Sir Kensington's Salad Dressing
Schultz's BBQ sauce
O'Dang Hummus (!!) Salad Dressing
Chudabeef Jerky Co. (big fan of the jerky and the people who run the company)
Primal Kitchen (Whole30 approved mayo and salad dressing... currently saving my life)
Banza (chickpea pasta)
RXBar (hate the bars, love the nut butters)
Spindrift (only sparkling water I'll cheat on La Croix for)

...and literally hundreds more brands and booths that I can't even dream of going to.

I had a ton of fun at Expo West and I can't wait to hopefully be there again next year!

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