WHOLE30: DAYS 22-30!


(but slowly. Because I'm pretty sure if I followed my heart and ate a crunch wrap supreme followed by a fat cheeseburger and a side of cheese fries I would immediately die)

I won't lie, this last week of the Whole30 was very difficult for me, as I was traveling, meeting new people, and not wanting to ruin the plans of multiple other people... I may have "broken" the Whole30 a time or two (or three or maybe even four 🤷🏼‍♀️). More on that in the end of today's post, but I think I'm also going to do a very detailed post about my experience, would I do it again, what would I change, etc.

Read on for insight into my last few days of the W30! Sorry for the lack of pictures. I just stopped caring (keepin' it real over here)

Apologies for a long, boring, rambling post.


DAY 22, Monday, April 8

Breakfast: hard boiled egg, banana, two tangerines + coffee
Lunch: greek salad (with no feta, excuse me while I cry my eyeballs out) with grilled chicken and green juice from Kreation
Dinner: Night + Market Song. A group wanted to go to Thai food on Monday night. While they assured me they wouldn't want me to break the W30 on their account, I decided to go with the group. I figured that there was absolutely nothing I could get on the menu that would be Whole30 compliant (as soy and peanuts are both off limits), and I was right. So I did what any person would do... enjoyed my meal and the company of the people I was eating with. And let me tell you, this food was dang good. I would definitely recommend this restaurant and I am 1000% planning on returning!

EXERCISE: I woke up early due to jetlag, so I went on a short walk/run (but mostly walk) around Marine del Rey and did some yoga as the sun came up over the beach. I mean, twist my arm.

MOOD: I felt great all day! It was actual torture not getting feta on my Greek Salad, but I tried to be as good as I possibly could. I also felt like a weirdo asking what kind of cooking oil was used to grill the chicken, but the waitress told me olive oil and definitely wasn't surprised by the question. My guess is that she gets it a lot in LA.

I was really worried for how I would feel after breaking the W30 for the first time in 22 days with pad thai, fried rice, peanuts, soy, etc. but I honestly felt pretty good which was reassuring. I would be absolutely devastated if I had a reaction to peanuts!


DAY 23, Tuesday, April 9

Breakfast: hard boiled egg, banana, Chomp's beef jerky (life saver!) + coffee
Lunch: My absolute fav, Erewhon Market - in the past, I've loved their hot bar items, but to try and be really good I walked past the hot bar and hit up the salad bar... where I loaded my bowl with so many good things that I barely missed the mac and cheese options. (I'm kidding - I missed it dearly)
Dinner: We had a group dinner at Plant Food + Wine with a set menu - so I literally had no option if things weren't compliant, other than to not eat dinner (which is never an option in my world). Again I faced the choice of participating in good food and good company or sitting there and complaining about not being able to eat things. So I enjoyed myself and ate some delicious food (including dessert - ah!) but decided not to drink a glass of wine or have any of the bread at the table. It was a good compromise.

EXERCISE: lots and lots of walking!

MOOD: I woke up before my alarm, but I'm not sure if I can credit that to "tiger blood" or jetlag. Either way, I didn't feel like I absolutely needed coffee, and I was pretty energetic and productive early in the morning.

I did have a headache in the afternoon, and I'm wondering if it was from tiny bits of sugar that I had throughout the day while sampling some product options. I did a little reading online and wouldn't be totally surprised if it was a sugar headache, which makes me nervous for future endeavors of wine and brownies and ice cream. Luckily, I felt better after dinner and a long walk back to my hotel.

DAY 24, Wednesday, April 10

Breakfast: apple, chomp's beef jerky, banana + coffee
Lunch: A group of people went to Greenleaf for lunch, and I joined them because it's not hard to stay compliant when you can build your own salad! I loaded mine up with veggies and avocado and grilled chicken. It was delicious!
Snack: I really didn't do a ton of snacking on this trip, other than a few handfuls of almonds here and there. I honestly wasn't very hungry before meals which was awesome because I'm a biiiiig snacker. Anyway, this afternoon I went to a coffee shop in Silver Lake (Dayglow Coffee) and got an espresso with almond milk. It was so good! I really wanted a donut to accompany my coffee but stayed strong and walked away (it was so hard).
Dinner: Korean BBQ! I did some research beforehand and realized pretty quickly that (like Thai food) there would be very few things on the menu that were Whole30 compliant. But for the 3rd night in a row, I decided that I would regret not eating the food more than I would regret breaking the Whole30. And I have NO REGRETS. I don't know if it was KBBQ or the restaurant we went to in particular, but WOW it was so good. I left with a happy and full tummy.

EXERCISE: more walking!

MOOD: I felt great in the morning, and then a little slow in the afternoon, which is why I ended up ordering the coffee. Everything was great! I did wake up in the middle of the night feeling a little bit nauseous, but I honestly don't know if that was a food-related thing or an overeating related thing. Honestly, probably a mixture of both. But I was able to go back to sleep no problem so I'm not wasting too much time thinking about it!

DAY 25, Thursday, April 11

Breakfast: hardboiled egg, chomp's, tangerines, banana + coffee
Lunch: Sweetfin. Again, I made a bowl instead of going with a preset one to better control the ingredients, but I added a peanut sauce because I had already had it with thai food and knew I wouldn't have a reaction to it. #bless
Dinner: Falafel pita sandwich from Gjusta. 0% whole30 compliant, 100% delicious. No. Re. Grets.


MOOD: Honestly, dinner was when I noticed the biggest issue with food on the trip. I ate my sandwich when I got to the airport for my flight home, and almost immediately noticed some bloating and a bit of a stomach ache. It passed pretty quickly but was definitely interesting to note, given that this pita sandwich was probably my first return to gluten all trip.

Thursday night was also the least about of sleep I've gotten on the W30 since I got home at 2AM and woke up at 8, but I still slept through the night and was able to get up in the morning no problem!

DAY 26, Friday, April 12

Breakfast: sweet potato toast, 1/2 avocado, cherry tomatoes, 2 fried eggs + coffee and almond milk
Lunch: buffalo chicken stuffed potato, tomatoes, bell pepper
Dinner: buffalo chicken stuffed potato, bell pepper, sauteed spinach


MOOD: The worst part about Friday was that I had to wait and eat breakfast until I could go to the grocery store to get food! But, since I was still 2 hours ahead on West Coast time, it wasn't the worst thing in the world.

It was a pretty boring day, but I did feel energized and productive.

DAY 27, Saturday, April 13

Breakfast: sweet potato toast, chorizo sausage, 1/2 avocado, cherry tomatoes, Frank's hot sauce, coffee and almond milk
Lunch: buffalo chicken stuffed potato, bell pepper, tomatoes + sparkling water
Dinner: ground turkey with onions and garlic, bell pepper, 1/2 avocado, tomatoes, crispy spiced potatoes


MOOD: Saturday was such a boring day. It was cold and rainy outside so all I did was watch Netflix and part of an SVU marathon. Everyone has those days, but I was just begging something interesting to happen... it never did.

DAY 28, Sunday, April 14

Breakfast: sweet potato toast, 1/2 avocado, tomatoes, Frank's red hot, chorizo sausage, 1 fried egg + coffee and almond milk
Lunch: buffalo chicken stuffed potato, bell pepper, tomatoes, apple + sparkling water
Dinner: chicken, veggies, baked potato, 1/2 avocado + sparkling water


MOOD: I felt fine! I broke whole30 again this morning at church for communion but I think Jesus would want me to participate! Then I had a productive afternoon and went to bed early.

DAY 29, Monday, April 15

Breakfast: sweet potato toast, 1/2 avocado, tomatoes, Frank's red hot, chorizo sausage + coffee and almond milk
Lunch: ground turkey, spinach, 1/2 bell pepper, tomatoes, buffalo ranch dressing and strawberries on the side + sparkling water
Dinner: chicken, veggies, baked potato + sparkling water

EXERCISE: walk around Boomer Lake

MOOD: I slept great and woke up early and had a productive Monday! Honestly, the thought of only having 24 hours left in the whole30 carried me through the day. I went to sleep dreaming of the Taco Bell that was only 48 hours away!

DAY 30!!!!!!!! Tuesday, April 16

Breakfast: sweet potato toast, one whole avocado (to celebrate!), tomatoes, Frank's red hot, chorizo sausage + coffee and almond milk
Lunch: ground turkey, spinach, 1/2 bell pepper, tomatoes, buffalo ranch dressing and strawberries on the side + sparkling water
Dinner: chicken, veggies, baked potato + sparkling water


MOOD: HALLEL-FREAKIN-UJAH WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's it. that was my mood literally all day long)


Traveling on the Whole30 is really really hard if you're anything like me and HATE to be the picky eater of the group (especially when I don't have to be - no allergies, no food insensitivities, no special diets, etc). Luckily by then, it was day 22 and most of the true benefits had shown (or not shown - looking at you, tiger blood) their faces.

Getting back on track was easier than I expected. I was half expecting another day 3 "hangover" episode, but nothing like that happened!

I'm really more excited than I thought too to be done with this whole thing too. I have suuuper mixed feelings about it all, but like I mentioned earlier, I'll be saving my thoughts + feelz for another post.

If you made it through all of this, kudos! If you briefly skimmed through this post because honestly you don't really care, I feel that.

See y'all on the flip side with taco bell in one hand, a cheeseburger in the other, and a glass of wine in front of me.

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