Hi friends! It's been a while. Things have been crazy over here (new (NEW) job, moving to Los Angeles... actually that's it, but those two things have been a lot!) so I wanted to just take a few minutes and sit down and list out some life updates and general thoughts/feelings.

This post got long and rambly and honestly probably doesn't make sense in some places but that's life sometimes!

  1. Yep, so I have a brand new job that I started in April. For those keeping track at home, that's technically 3 jobs so far in 2019. It has been an absolutely crazy year. My word for the year was change, and now it's more like CHANGE!!!! I told everyone at the beginning of the year that I was planning on moving to New York City and living my best life as a single 20-something in a place I had always dreamed of living. Instead I'm still doing most of those things, but in a city I had never, ever saw myself liking enough to want to move there. This year has taken a whole new meaning to "life changes!"
  2. I love love love love love Los Angeles. Yes, it has its quirks and things that annoy me, but I'm so glad life has taken me here. I love the mountains, the city, and the beach area. I love that for every $18 salad there's a taco stand. I love that for every expensive thing there are at least 3 things you can do for free. I love the weather and the people and the things this city has given me. The thing I love the most? I'm already lining up visits from family and friends. Now that's something I was NEVER able to do in Oklahoma.
  3. Traffic has basically been a non-issue. I only go into my office two days a week, and each time has been about a 15-minute drive in the morning and a 20-minute drive in the afternoons. No different than when I worked in Atlanta (pre-bridge collapse) or tried to get to the sorority house for dinner at rush hour.
  4. I signed up to use ClassPass and have really been enjoying it. I've taken a yoga class, a barre class, a boxing class (lol), and a dance cardio class. I'm not sure how long I'll keep my membership after the 2 free weeks expire, but it's a pretty good deal for the variety of classes available.
  5. One week into living in LA and I hate all of my clothes hahaha *sigh*
  6. Today is the premiere of this season of #TheBachelorette and it's actually killing me that I'm not live-tweeting with the east coast. I mean, I feel like I'll survive and life will go on... but at the same time, will it?
  7. I think I'm officially on the cauliflower gnocchi train from Trader Joe's. While I still think that your everyday neighborhood grocer is the better (or the same) option, I love this dish. It's pretty easy to cook, tastes good, and it super filling. Once I figure out my favorite way to cook it I might to a whole blog post on it so STAY. TUNED.
Ok, that's it for now. Talk to y'all later!!

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