I'm never the kind of person to eat healthily on a vacation. I know I should probably get a salad more often then I do... but also, how am I supposed to pass up a cheeseburger and charcuterie board? 🤔

I was gone for 10 days this time, and definitely ate my fair share of restaurant meals. While each one was great, I was seriously craving some healthy foods when I got home.

Here are the 5 things I do to get back on track after a long vacation.

Meal prep // This was what I did all day on Sunday! I made chicken, baked vegetables, overnight oats, pumpkin muffins, and my lunches for the beginning of the week. This made it way easier to eat a healthy lunch after work (instead of making a "bad" decision from being too hungry!), and control my portion sizes.

Eat normally // Even though it's my first instinct, I never restrict after coming home from a trip. I eat three full meals, with generally two snacks in between, every day. Those meals generally consist of meat, carbs, veggies and a healthy fat like an avocado. While I don't restrict, my meals are usually Whole30 approved and sugar-free, making it still a "detox" of sorts.

Drink a ton of water // I do this anyway, but I make a point to do it after a trip! Now that I'm working in the mornings, I drink at least 3 full water bottles (750ml) before lunch, and generally another three in the afternoon. Plus a can sparkling water! This helps me keep cravings to a minimum, clear up my skin (usually breaks out after eating out a lot), and help bloating.

Get back into a routine // This one is sooo important. If you go on a run every morning, start it up again the day after you get back! If you work out every afternoon around 5:30 (🙋🏼‍♀️), start doing that again too! After traveling, being out of your own environment, and waiting for your next meal (am I the only one who spends vacation like that?), there's nothing better than getting back into your routine.

Be patient with yourself // Sometimes you meal prep on Sunday, and end up ordering Thai soup with your roommate on Monday, and going to a group dinner for pizza on Wednesday. But that's LIFE! Nobody is 100% perfect, so be patient with yourself and know that you'll get "back on track" soon enough.

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