I had so much fun visiting some friends from college in Charleston last week! I've been wanting to go back to visit friends and go to a Gamecock football game since I graduated, but working at a university (and working on game days most weekends) made it tough to plan a trip. Even though I moved further west this year, it worked out to head back east for a long weekend.

I arrived in Charleston late Thursday night and walked out of the airport to a brick wall of humidity. Seriously, I forgot what it felt like! I had packed a pair of jeans and wore a jacket on the plane... safe to say, both of those items remained in my suitcase all weekend long.

Safe to say, I definitely ate my way through the Holy City. But it was also 100% worth it - everything we ate and drank was amazing! Read on for the #dEATS


We started out our Friday adventure by going to Millers All Day for brunch in downtown Charleston. At the recommendation of my friend Hayley (who was my gracious host for the weekend! Check out her food blog for more CHS recommendations), I had to try the unicorn grits! I got them on the side (with pimento cheese mixed in...) of my fried chicken biscuit (omg) and in true LA-meets-SC fashion, got an iced oat milk latte to drink.

One bite in and the obvious became a reality... I wasn't in California anymore! It would be hard to find a fried chicken biscuit and grits in SoCal, but I'm thinking Millers should definitely expand west.

We walked off our meal by taking a stroll through downtown... until it became so hot we decided we were better off going back to the AC and getting ready for drinks and dinner.

Once we were ready to face the heat again (jk, the sun was sort of going down and it wasn't too bad anymore!), we headed to the Citrus Club for drinks. This is a new rooftop bar that opened at The Dewberry hotel downtown. We sat inside at the bar, but you can go outside to look around!


Pro-tip: You can add alcohol to the mocktails on the menu! Our bartender said she did that all the time, haha. We all got the Salted Cherry Lemonade with vodka. It was so good! Kind of creamy, definitely salty, and super easy to drink right away.

For dinner, we walked around the corner to Hall's Chophouse. Hayley works at the corporate office and has been talking about it nonstop, so obviously, I had to see what the deal was! I was BLOWN. AWAY. It truly was one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. From the appetizer to the dessert, no detail went unnoticed! I would highly recommend going here if you're celebrating anything, or just want a delicious steak dinner.

WARNING: the next few images will make you hungry! (And still don't do justice to this meal.)


Fried green tomatoes with seafood (crab and shrimp) succotash 
(terrible food bloggers - we forgot to take a picture before we started eating!)


We both got petite filet mignons (wet aged) cooked medium rare with truffle butter (OMG). I wanted to lick my plate clean, hahaha.

Left: Pepper Jack Creamed Corn. Right: Lobster Mac and Cheese. 

We got half portions and split the sides. The regular portions for the sides are huge - this was definitely enough for two people! The mac and cheese was good, but the creamed corn was TO DIE FOR.

this bite 😍😍😍

Because we still hadn't had enough to eat (lol) we split a chocolate chip cookie skillet with chocolate ganache and caramel drizzle (yup) for dessert. Y'ALL. Most insane meal ever. Get it yet? Thank you, Hall's, for changing my life. I'm officially spoiled rotten.

After dinner, we went to Camellia's for one last glass of prosecco because it's an all pink-bar and I'm a sucker for all-pink anything.


Luckily I decided to wear a dress, or else my waistband definitely would've popped open. 😅😉


Still full from our dinner at Hall's, we waited until lunchtime to start eating again. I had a few requests for restaurants that I hadn't had since graduating college/leaving SC almost three full years ago. One of them... Groucho's Deli.

All things considered, the sandwiches at Groucho's are nothing to write home about. But the sauce... the famous sauce... I want it in an IV at all times.


Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of food from the rest of the afternoon. We headed up to Columbia to tailgate and walk around before the game. Then I had a stadium hot dog for dinner. Exciting, I know. Here's a picture of me before the game to fill the void!


Another one of my specially requested meals was Cantina 76, which was probably my favorite Mexican restaurant and my Achille's heel in college. There are two locations in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Kiawah Island. We went to the Kiawah location!

If you go to Cantina and don't get a trio, did you even go? The salsa here is one of my favorite restaurant salsas ever.


Hello, my love. Prickly Pear marg + buffalo chicken taco + Peruvian shrimp taco... I'm in heaven.

By this point, we were worn 👏🏻out 👏🏻 so we stayed home to watch football the rest of the day. We ordered a buffalo chicken pizza from Mellow Mushroom for dinner.

Then we went to a local ice cream place, called Off Track, for dessert. They released a new flavor earlier in the day called "Spiced Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake" and it was as amazing as it sounds. I also got a scoop of Cookies and Cream for good measure.


Feeling a bit more energized, we ended my visit by going to two wine bars in West Ashley.

The first was Edmund's Oast Exchange because they allow dogs and also post a picture of these fries on Instagram, which obviously we had to try for ourselves!


They came with a chili ranch, which was as delicious as it sounds. And yes, the fries tasted as good as they looked.

We were still a bit hungry (but actually... how?) so we dropped off the puppy back home and went to Avondale Wine & Cheese for a charcuterie board. 🙌🏻

Here's everything on the plate: St. Stephens Brie, Battery Park Brie, Black Truffle Salami, Prosciutto, Honey Bee cheese, hummus and pita, and smoked honey. The plate also came with mustard and a baguette. Everything was delicious!! Definitely filled us up, but also how amazing would a never-ending meat and cheese plate be? Imagine a Brazillian Steakhouse-style restaurant with charcuterie. You're welcome for the restaurant idea as long as I can came for free. 😏

Although I feel like I ate and drank my way through Charleston (and my pants agree), there are still so many more restaurants, breweries, and wine bars I need to try! Hopefully I can make this trip into an annual event... please start praying for my wallet and waistline. 😂

Until we meet (m-eat?) again, CHS!

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