I'm going to Japan today!!! For the next 10 days, I'll be spending time in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. AHHHHH.

Typing it out doesn't feel real. I mean, I barely allowed myself to even think about this trip until 3 weeks ago (*cue panic*). I didn't think that this trip would happen for a few reasons:

1. Being unemployed for 2 months really puts a damper on trip planning.
2. If I got a job, would I still be able to go?
3. What if I got a job, told them about my trip, and they rescinded my offer?
4. What if I like... hate Japan?

BUT the day has finally come! And when I return, I will have a full-job waiting for me. Sometimes it feels like I *can* have everything I want. 😉 Emphasis on the sometimes.

I'm very nervous and very excited for several reasons, so here's a bullet list of the thoughts that keep rattling around in my brain:

  • What if no one speaks English?!
  • What if I get lost in Tokyo and nobody can tell me where to go and I spend the rest of my life wandering around the city?
  • What if I try sushi and get sick?
  • I don't have anything planned, will I be ok?
  • Am I too old to stay in hostels?
  • 10 days is a loooong time!
  • What if something goes wrong with my rail pass and I have to buy another ticket and spend more money?
  • Japan is supposedly beautiful and so safe! I did a lot of research, and everyone had only wonderful things to say about traveling to Japan solo (especially as a woman).
  • Tokyo is weird and awesome and I can't wait to explore.
  • Kyoto is home to so many amazing temples and gardens and palaces! I can't wait to see them.
  • UDON!
  • RAMEN!
  • So much #content
Japan is going to be unlike anywhere I've been before! It's been so long since I've done any kind of solo trip, or vacation really! After the year I've had, I'm so excited to get somewhere unfamiliar and just explore. I've heard so many great things about each of the cities I'm visiting, from the people to the views to the FOOOOOOD.

Be sure to stay tuned on Instagram (both food and personal!) for updates. 

Sayonara! :) 

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