A few days ago I was talking to a friend about exfoliating before shaving and it absolutely BLEW MY MIND that a lot of people don't do that... especially our gentlemen friends who just shave with no preparation.

It got me thinking about my overall skincare routine, the products I use, and how it's changed! I'm nosy and fascinated by other peoples' routines so I decided to share mine if you can relate!

Firstly, I'm super new to skincare. In high school, I used clean and clear facewash, never exfoliated, never wore moisturizer, etc. It wasn't until college that I started to use a facial scrub and I vividly remember being like, "WOW THIS IS AMAZING, MY SKIN IS SO CLEAR!" What a concept!

I still think it was a while before I incorporated a daily moisturizer into my routine, and a while past then that I started using serums and night creams too. SO. If you think it's too late to change, it's not! And with ~*~all of these products~*~ it still takes me 5-7 minutes every day. I promise!

Also, as a side note, I don't really wear makeup that often anymore. I'll put on foundation + concealer + the works if you will for special occasions (dinner with friends, date night, going to the bars, etc.) but other than that, the only makeup I wear on a daily basis is eyebrow pencil and mascara.

Okay... onto the good stuff!


I keep my morning routine super simple... because 9 times out of 10, I'm scrambling to get ready after spending way too much time laying in bed.

FACEWASH: I use the Daydreamer organic facewash from Blume. They sent it to me to try (!!) and i really like it. It's so creamy and feels awesome on my skin. I was a bit nervous to try it because the last organic facewash I used made me break out into a rash, which is no bueno when it's on your face! I use this with warm water and **no washcloth** in order to keep some of my natural oils on my face in the morning. (IDK, I read that on a blog somewhere! But I do try to avoid over-exfoliating my skin.)

MOISTURIZER: Then I use this daily moisturizer from Target with SPF 15. I always put this on regardless of what I'm doing. Wearing SPF every single day is the single most important thing we can do to protect our skin! If you don't wear SPF every day, I would highly encourage you to start, whether it's in a moisturizer or in a foundation (my foundation has SPF 30!).


SHOWER FACE SCRUB: How do I say this without sounding gross...? I typically shower 3-4 times a week, whenever I need to wash my hair. Obviously, this changes if I work out more often, but showering more than that dries out my skin. I use this Acure Brightening Facial Scrub 3 times a week. I love it because it's free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petrolatums, formaldehyde. It's also cruelty-free!

CLEANSER: On days that I don't use the facial scrub, I use my tried-and-true Neutrogena Cleanser. I have been using this for as long as I can remember. I love using it at night to take off my make-up and clean my skin after a day out. (PRO TIP: if you wear foundation or concealer, use a makeup wipe before this for extra cleaning goodness). I use this with warm water **and a washcloth** to make sure I'm effectively cleansing!

NIGHT CREAM: One of the many things that Elizabeth Warren and I have in common is that neither of us thinks that billionaires should exist and we both use Ponds Moisturizer. This was the first "night cream" (if you will) that I bought back in 2016 and I haven't looked back since. I put on a layer of the moisturizer right before I go to sleep. 


SERUM: On days where my skin is really feeling dry, like after the beach, I use Four Sigmatic's Superfood Serum. All of the ingredients are clean enough to eat (literally) and the texture feels great on my skin. It's super hydrating and refreshing!

MASKS: I do this clay mask from L'Oreal about once a week, usually right before I shower for easy removal. If I don't have time to do (and remove) a full mask, I use it as a spot treatment to get rid of the occasional zit that pops up. It's super clarifying and works wonders on my skin. (Honorable mention: the mattifying mask from L'Oreal!) I also use the serum post-mask.

There you have it! My super easy skincare routine. Woohoo! 

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