10 At-Home Workout Resources

Living an active lifestyle hasn't always been important to me, but it's something I seriously value now. Getting in some form of exercise and movement every day is how I stay grounded and is one of my favorite forms of self-care!

As we settle in to our "new normal" - working from home, unable to go to our favorite fitness classes, and facing a world of uncertainty - staying active is more important than ever. And while I still totally believe in slowing down and not overdoing it, I do believe that exercise is one of the ways we can stay mentally healthy during this period of unknown.

I've rounded up 10 of my favorite at-home workout resources to share with you!

*most of these deals are just for during the Coronavirus pandemic, but who knows, maybe you'll find something that makes the price tag worth it!

Barry’s Bootcamp -Type of Workout: Strength and Cardio -They do a livestream workout everyday on Instagram and on IGTV. Check out the schedule of classes and trainers here!

305 Fitness
Type of Workout: Dance Cardio
Dance it out with 305Live on YouTube every day at 12pm and 6pm EST! Subscribe to their channel here.

Type of Workout: Everything
Stream a variety of classes for free on their website and on the ClassPass app, no membership required.

Popsugar Fitness
Type of Workout: Everything
The Popsugar Fitness YouTube channel has a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Plus, you can access more workouts on the PopSugar App! There’s normally a fee but your subscription is free for a limited time.

Type of Workout: Everything
DailyBurn’s free 60-day trial gives you access to thousands of at-home workouts for every fitness goal. Sign up on their website.

CorePower Yoga
Type of Workout: Yoga, Yoga Sculpt
Free classes online with new videos every week on their website. Get access to their full video archive for just $20 a month. 

Tone It Up
Type of Workout: Toning and Strength
New users can get free access to their app with toning moves and daily live workouts for a month. Offer is valid until 4/22, check out the details on their website!

OnePeleton App
Type of Workout: Everything
Get access to thousands of yoga, strength, and more workout videos free for 90 days, no credit card required. Download the OnePeleton app to get started.

Orange Theory At Home
Type of Workout: Strength and Cardio
Do OrangeTheory at Home with their free 30 minute workouts on YouTube.

Yoga With Adrienne
Type of Workout: Yoga (duh!)
Adrienne has hundreds of free yoga videos for all of your needs - from beginners to experts! Start out with her yoga fundamentals, and then try one of her 30 Day Yoga Journey challenges. (I'm currently on day 14 of "Home.") Check out her YouTube here!

P.S. Honorable mention to the Sweat app: there's a 7-day free trial and then you buy a yearly subscription. There are multiple training programs on the app, with the most famous one being Kayla Itsine's BBG program. This is what I do 3 times a week, and I switch it up with one of the other programs on the weekend.

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